Constructing MUNCH

See Oslo’s signature building rise, picture by picture

Proud, controversial, beloved – and nothing less than a constructional engineering feat. Tove Lauluten, as the only accredited photographer, followed the construction process of the Munchmuseum from start to finish. The whole undertaking took six years. Tove aims to present the beauty and aesthetics of a construction site. 

“I want to show the meticulous, time-consuming processes that were completed through a lot of brute force and dedication to the project. They include everything from the massive foundation work to the art of laying the concrete to the finished public building housing this priceless collection of Edvard Munch’s art.”

The Munchmuseum is located on the Norwegian capital’s waterfront, bowing towards the city. The photographs present different moments in time in the construction process and document the gradual construction of the building and its completion right from when the first foundation work at the site began. Tove Lauluten shows us what it took to conceive and realise a new home for the art of Edvard Munch, who was one of the most important figures in art history. This has all resulted in a magnificent coffee table book. 

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Format: 30 x 30 cm, 264 pages, 2.5 kg

Hardcover: The cover is made with shimmering materials in which a picture has been affixed on an embossed form that is just like the shape of the building itself. 

Silver on the body of the book: The book’s three paper edges are coated with silver.

Open spine: The book can be folded out completely. None of the photo’s edges are covered over by being close to the spine. 

Language: Norwegian and English

Price Nok 549

Norway is not a member of the EU. Local taxes may apply within your country.

Coffee table book with large photographs

Up close on the atmosphere, materiality, efforts, and final result

The book’s generous 30 x 30 cm format provides room for photographs that are able to show details exceptionally well. 

Wearing a helmet and protective shoes, Lauluten photographed every single demanding, and often innovative, step in the process in all seasons and types of weather. Constructing MUNCH gives you a unique and fascinating insight into what was required in the way of engineering grit and raw machine power for bringing into reality Norway’s decidedly most prestigious building dedicated to a single artist – the one and only Edvard Munch. 

“At first glance, a construction site can seem chaotic. However, when I look at one, I see exciting patterns, lines and colours that create different moods. These moods are the result of different weather conditions, materials, and lighting. With my education and work experience from construction as well as from being an architectural photographer, I had the necessary knowledge and background to carry out this special project in which the documentary, technical and artistic elements of photography are all accounted for,” says Tove.

As an independent architectural photographer, Tove Lauluten won a tender competition in 2016 for documenting the construction process of the Munchmuseum. The pictures serve as an historically important visual account and artistic documentation of what, in the field of art, is the most important part of the world’s cultural heritage that Norway as a nation has under its management.

Constructing MUNCH also contains three essays with one each written by the architects at estudio Herreros, their Norwegian partners LPO Arkitekter and the Munchmuseum itself. 

A unique piece of photographic architectural history

An elegant gift in both Norwegian and English

The photographs communicate across languages. This book has an international audience and all three of the essays are written in Norwegian and English. 

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Price Nok 549

Norway is not a member of the EU. Local taxes may apply within your country.

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